Jesus in the Feast

Posted: May 26, 2017 in Encouragement, Messages, Revelation, Testimony
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  • We had a great time teaching a two-week class for the children at our church. We talked about the seven feasts of the Lord that He commanded Israel to celebrate as He brought them out of slavery in Egypt. It was great seeing how much fun the kids had learning about them. As well as about how they were pointing to Jesus who He is and what He would do at His coming. However it wasn’t just the kids that we’re getting a revelation of God it was even parents which was awesome. We would share after each class with parents what we taught the kids. One of the most memorable was when I was sharing with a parent about Pentecost. He didn’t know that Moses received the law at Mount Sinai on Pentecost and that years later when the greater deliver Jesus came that His disciples would receive the giving of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

          We asked Holy Spirit to come

With the kids one of my favorite days was doing Passover. We had turned the entire gym into a Passover event so when they came into the gym and they had to pick out the paper Lambs that we had cut out. They needed to pick ones that didn’t have spots. They would proceed to the kitchen station we had set up that had lots of different foods that were bread like.  The kids had to remove all the yeast or leavened bread from the house. Then they took their lamb to the butcher shop where they would get a paintbrush with red paint. We had door post set up made from cardboard for them to paint. After they were finished painting their doors we had gold jewels and small little plastic animals scattered all over the the floor in the middle of the gym.  They got to go around picking it all up and putting it in their bags. Which represented the plundering of Egypt as they left. Once that was complete we had a wall of blankets set up with row dividers and it represented the sea. They all stood at the edge and said then God parted the sea. We pulled the blanket back which allowed them to walk between all the blankets to the other side. At the other side of the sea they had a celebration singing and dancing with tambourines.

The kids learned how Jesus death broke the chains of sin and darkness. Jesus sets us free. He was the perfect sacrifice. 

                Kids braking the chains 

It was a great class that was fun and interactive for the kids full of revelation of who Jesus is. This is just two small parts of all the things that happened during the two weeks. we are looking forward to doing it again next year.


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