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My first Mission trip was to Jackson Ms. and i loved it. please check out the onsite blog. . http://thejackson15.wordpress.comMy after thoughts are

Jackson Mississippi

The decay of the neighborhood in Jackson Mississippi was startling as we entered. Aside from a natural disaster I had never seen so many homes that were burnt up sides ripped off and roofs caving in. Keep in mind these homes were being lived in by drug addicts. Being at We Will Go ministry was incredibly provoking. This ministry has purposely set up in a dark area to shine light. As soon as we get there we meet a woman who is like a pitbull for the children of God. She has such a heart for the Lost. She was tough but at the same time sweet and loving. She desires for the prisons to be empty and for the lost to be saved. She doesn’t call the police but walks in the authority of the Holy Spirit. So much so that the guy who once was strung out on drugs and put a gun in her face; is now saved and preaching the gospel with her. He has fully dedicated himself to the Lord and is married. Also while a man was being jumped by several people she goes running at them screaming stop in the name of Jesus and they scatter. When I saw this woman I knew I saw a woman who had been given motherhood. She fully hated the devil and his demons while at the same time loving the children of God and separating the too. No matter what wickedness was done she desired for that person to come to the Lord. I know she had the Lords heart and a desire to raise up Godly children. This church ministry We Will Go drives the streets looking for people to bring to service before they start praise and worship. They walk the street practically every day praying for the spirit of God to come and salvation to the lost. I was also struck by the fact that I’m suppose to love my neighbors but I barley know anyone in my neighborhood. Yet in this area that was full of drug addiction, prostitution, rape, and violence everyone seemed to know each other.  There was a community garden set up by We Will Go for anyone who needed to come and take from and it was set up to draw the community. They invite all who want to come to help plant and tend the garden. Such a great way to share the gospel. They had a story about one little pea bush that multiplied food and people took bags of peas from it day and night. A woman who witnessed the event from her porch made the statement “Them gotta be Gods peas”.  I Got the privilege while down there to go and witness to a private school on the other side of the tracks. These children came from a nicer area. However when we went with the principle to his office he began to share these children’s prayer requests. Quickly the same pain was revealed that was in the neighborhood I just came from. One child’s prayer request was please pray for me my dad beats my mom every night and I’m addicted to meth. Then in the middle of the meeting with him a 14 year old little girl comes in with such a precious smile you would never expect to hear what pain she was enduring. She was having an asthma attack and was having a hard time breathing. The principle asks if he can tell us what’s been going on so we can pray for her because he thinks her attack is related to the stress she is under. So he begins telling us that she has been sexually abused by her brothers because of this removed from her home put in foster care. Her best friend is dying, and she has been struggling with suicide.  The enemy is destroying the children making them feel ashamed and worthless. I began to feel a grown for God to come and comfort them. What can make this better no amount of therapy, treatments, or pills can fix this. Except for the covering of Jesus there is nothing out there that can make such things right. It was a blessing to get to be a part of this ministry and witness to the broken hearts of this area I think it impacted me more than I impacted them. God bless We Will Go Ministry.


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