About Us

I am Believer in Christ first then a husband and father of three.

My wife is Juanita and our children are Lauren Rachael Elijah and Benjamin. We attended the Pentecostal Church of Apostolic Faith in Leavenworth KS, we both were baptized in the name of Jesus and Juanita received the gift of the holy spirit there. About a month before Lauren was born we bought our first home and moved to Grandview Mo. At this time we started to get more involved with IHOPKC in the Prayer Room http://www.ihopkc.org. Please check it out. This is where I received the holy spirit. We attend IHOPKC all services now.   The summer of 2011 I stopped working and took a part of the Signs and Wonders Camp at IHOKC and was able to minister to 6-7 year olds this was a great time in the Lord to see these little ones in worship. I will be doing the same camps this summer, Juanita will be joining me. The fall of 2011 I started to attend school and was blown away with Gods heart.  If God’s will allows I will be in school for four years. God is speaking with me about our youth and this is looking like what my calling is – to be able to pour into the generation that will hasten his return.


Our lives just took a big change. Juanita has decided that she wants to be home with Lauren full-time and this really changes things for us. But this will be a great testimony of Gods goodness and how he provides our needs. Juanita is a great mother and I could see how Lauren was needing her home more and we are both looking forward to Juanita being able to go the prayer room and help in the CEC at IHOPKC (children equipping center).

Change as of 2014

Both me and Juanita do ministry full-time with the House of Prayer. Me with Orphan Justice and Juanita with Children equipping center. We are both able to pour into the generation that will see Christ return.

  1. Tenika Edge says:

    I just wanted to say, I love you guys and that this is a Beautiful website!

  2. thompsons says:

    hi so happy for you all….love the thompsons

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