Short testimony

            Three years ago I was baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit, and dedicated my life to Lord Jesus Christ.  Before that moment I thought I knew the Lord. However I didn’t and I defiantly wasn’t serving Him or living as I was called to while proclaiming to be a Christian. After being baptized the Lord started to encounter me and reveal things He was calling me to.  While training for boxing I was running around a track with my shirt off the fire alarm of the school goes off and the entire school of 1st-5th graders comes to the track staring at me. I was ready to leave embarrassed that I didn’t know school was in and I was half naked running around a track with tiny children starring at me when the Lord spoke to me.  He said how do you expect to do something you have never done in front of millions of people when you can’t do something you’ve done your whole life in front of these children. He then said show them how you run. I suddenly felt confidence knowing the Lord liked when I ran and the way I ran. So I ran till I was done with my work out while they watched. I thought man I might really go somewhere with boxing I had been fantasizing about boxing in Vegas and He said millions of people. It soon became clear boxing wasn’t what He was talking about. Injuries came quickly and working out came to a halt lifting weights was no longer possible. But my reading of the word and devotional time to the Lord increased. While He liked the way I ran He really wanted me to show my relationship with Him and how I run with Him in my Christian life. I then got married had a daughter and bought a house. The Lord at this time directed me to ministry I ignored the idea of school and having to quit work with so much going on and to provide for. Six months later during summer ministry comes up again. He also starts telling me to get rid of unnecessary expenses which I do. And Juanita takes a work from home job. The lord tells us to get rid of one of our vehicles. I really feel like the Lord is telling me to go to school so I say ok ill look into it. I go and apply to go to school and immediately that weekend got fired. That same weekend there is a children’s equipping camp with my church. They need volunteers. It’s the last day possible to sign up and I know the Lord wants me to do this children’s camp. I sign up they call me and have me come be a councilor it was an awesome time. Once that finished I was accepted to ministry school. Then I get an offer for my jeep and all our finances work out so that I can go to school.


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