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So New Years is here. It’s a time for you to set aside goals and/or resolutions. As the new year approaches I like to look back at the old year. At all the good, bad, and ugly.  I take time to reflect on things that I liked and somethings that I didn’t like. Then I set a goal for things that I want to change in the upcoming year. 

Overall 2016 was a good year for me. I entered our second year of ministry and I fully stepped in the role of a youth pastor. We saw endless blessing physically and spiritually. We also had a new baby. I also experienced some bad things that tested my faith and trust in God. I lost a nephew that was like a brother to me. This was the hardest part of my year. I fought though the unknown of if he knew God. We grew up together but we also grew apart. But I witnessed 20+ please get introduced to God at his funeral. And I said to myself if this was his will to use his life to save others then so be it. Now as his birthday approaches im thankful for his life and the time we shared. I can’t leave out the ugly. Worst than loss for me is darkness. There was a breif part of the year I sat in darkness. Having the feeling of was God there? Did he hear me? Does he care? This was breif but real. Some of this time had to do with my nephew, my children and healing, our finances, and ministry. I don’t think anyone likes the feeling of talking into space. I will tell you each time I felt darkness. I felt his hand pull me out. You are not just talking into space even if you feel that way. He is there he hears you. Our history is his story. 

Reflecting back on theses things help prepare me for the year to come. I’ll set goals based on where I came from and where I’m going. My biggest goal each year is to build a stronger deeper relationship with God. I want to search out the unknown and gain new revelation of who he is. Really how I reach this is my choice. I’ll spend more time in my word. I’ll pray more (send time with God). I’ll live out a bilbical lifestyle before man. I’ll teach my children what it looks like to be Holy. But I also know I’m not perfect and I’ll fail. But God will be there to hold my hand and pull me out. 

So take this time as the year ends. To set goals and think about how you’re going to reach them but leave room for error. There are 365 days use each one as if God was going to return the next day. 

Tell me what are some of your goals. How can I pray for you to help you reach them. 

Also our church is hosting our yearly end of year conference. One thing is happening right now downtown Kansas City. You can join us there or on web.


John 1:14
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

This is what I been repeating all day over and over. The Word Became Flesh. The Word Became Flesh.

Elohim came off his throne in heaven and became flesh to dwell among us. The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords,  the ruler of all things, my God, the Creator of all things dwells among us. This is so powerful to me. The question is asked, why would a King do such a thing?? Love that is why. When sin entered the world God had a plan. The plan was to send Jesus who the there in the beginning, he was the word that was spoken, that created all things. Make him flesh, give him a humble birth, let him die on a cross (a perfect man died a sinners death). Our King born in a manger to a virgin and carpenter. The savior that was to die and save us from sin. He was laying there with all power even as a infant. He could of came as rich powerful man but no a humble birth he chose. Just like he choose to give up his throne and chose to give up his life. For love, for you, for me, for life so that we could be with him forever. So this is why we celebrate for no other reason, not for gifts not for lights, not for trees,not for you and me but for him. He was the word made flesh.

At the time is was scary for many people. So many did not understand. How could this be? Harold was so scared he had the baby boys 2 and under killed in Bethlehem. A savior was coming and would take his throne. There was nothing he could do. 

Matthew 2:18
A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.

Check this out
When Moses was born, the babies were being killed. When Jesus was born the babies were being killed, now million if babies are being killed taken right from the womb. When there is a deliver the babies are being killed. This is the time for Christ return. He’s coming, are you ready? So as we celebrate his birth we look forward to his return.

Yahweh Rapha means God my healer. Let me tell you one of many stories where God showed me that he is healer. My 3 year-old Rachael and 2-year-old Elijah have really bad eczema. We tried just about everything to heal their skin. We have had diet changes, brought 100% cotton clothes, every lotion know to man was purchased, and ever prescription picked up. We have seen doctors and specialist. But nothing was working. Their skin would clear up for about 2 weeks and then break out again. Many test were done. We found out about their allergies, pets, nuts, dairy, and pollen the list is long. Yet even staying away from these things the eczema remained. As a praying family we prayed every night that the Lord would heal their bodies. I got to the point of saying Lord you are a healer your word says you healed all types of diseases. Lord I know that you can heal I’ve seen you do it. Please show my little ones that you are a Healer. Let them see a miracle. One night Travis was at out reach and he told the kids about our kids skin and asked them to pray for us. They prayed for healing for our kids, these kids who are seeking the Lord and praying for families for themselves are now praying for us. This same night I’m oiling down Rachael and she in tears looking at me and says “when will Jesus heal me?”. Now im in tears and I tell her we keep praying and asking and he will. Many nights go by and we are still praying. So I ask the Lord to increase my faith I’m starting to lose faith in his healing power. And I can’t do that. Now I’m praying for faith I don’t need much just the amount if a mustard seed and healing. And the Lord hears all our prayers. His timing is perfect. He started healing their bodies. Rachael comes to me and shows me clear skin that does not itch and says God healed her. So a miracle  was done that day. Not only did the Lord heal her body but he also showed the children in the facility that he hears their prayers. This increased their faith not to stop praying. It was at this moment he showed us why he waited. Not for our benefit but for the kids in the facility so they would not stop praying for a miracle.

Keep praying, pray some more don’t stop. All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed. Whatch the Lord show up and show out. It’s never about us but him. To him be all the glory. We live, move, and breath all because he says so. Let this encourage you to keep fighting. Have faith in the one who controls everything. He is Yaweh Rapha, our healer. 

Trusting Him

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When I think about what it looks like to trust the Lord I’m reminded I have trust issues. Sad I know but really how many people can you trust with your life? I would like to think I trust my husband with my life but really i like to have control of it more than I can let him lead me.(to be honest) So when it comes to the Lord can I trust him? (Yes) Should I trust him? (Yes) Do I trust him? (Sometime). Looks to me I got it all wrong there. I mean he gave his life for me. At the lest I should first him with mine. Right?

I’m a pretty strong person so I like to think I can physically handle anything, thus putting my trust in myself. As a mom of 4 I can say during the births of my littles oh boy you bet I trust him. I learned the hard way it’s not by my strength but his that babies are born ( I had 2 of 4 at home naturally).

Let me be honest . When coming to ministry I put some trust in my husband when it came to our finances. But I liked to think I had a back up plan if things when south. Yet in reality it was the Lord I needed to trust. I needed to trust my husband would hear from him and provide for us and I needed to trust that the Lord would show him where the provision was. The Lord did just that he showed us miracle after miracle financially. Our first year we saw how being obedient and going where the Lord led us was were our provision was. This last year he showed us the people we needed to partner with. There are people we don’t know that partner with us in ministry and give to us anonymous. This is what trusting the Lord looks like for us as of now.

I can say it was hard getting to this point for me. Each month I had a backup plan. And there are still times when things get to close for my comfort I panic and try to plan my back up. Yet I’m quickly reminded that the Lord is our provider.

There was a time this year we counted on provision from a side job my husband did. This job was a back up plan to not have enough money for bills. There was a miss communication and funds were not available. I stepped back and said my back up plan failed now what? The Lord is what. The amount if money that was to be paid for a job was the amount of money given to us anonymously. So here I am trying to use my own strength to pay our bill. Thinking our ministry money is not enough. Yet the Lord says be still and trust me ministry is where you need to be, ill provide. You would think my trust issues would go away after that. I’m still working on them but I am trusting the Lord more and more each day. He says in his word don’t worry about tomorrow do what is needed for today, tomorrow will look after its self. As well as he will provide food shelter and clothing. So there you have it. Give it to him and he will make it happen. It’s not your strength but his that things happen.

As we enter our year 3 I want to trust the Lord with out my back up plan. I pray you can do the same. Whatever you need to trust him for do just that give it to him. Let him lead you. He is a good father that knows what is needed and how to give it to us.

Boy does time fly. I was sitting here thinking it’s been a while since I updated this blog. I though I would get on and check things out. Could be Holy Spirit telling me it’s time to get serious about it so let’s see if I can update you all and keep up with monthly updates in the future. My last post was February 2015 it’s almost Jan 2017. Here’s a quick wrap of 2015

2015 our first year in ministry full-time. Then as a family of 5 with 3 children I’ll start there. Our kids have grown so much not only physically but spiritually. From the times they would join us in prayer room or the times they would join me in my class room they sought the Lord. Our littlest at the time Elijah would be strapped to me as I tought my classes and I could see him receiving everything I would be saying . It’s just amazing how the Lord uses these little ones to keep us connected to him. Even as I’m sitting here typing this they are upstairs singing praise songs. Our kids made it though year one like champs. As a mom I did worry about burning them out given my schedule and Travis’s schedule each week. We  wanted them to enjoy our work and still be able to do things they wanted as well. This was doable by taking the time each week to ask them what the wanted to do and doing it. We send a lot of time at the pool. With that let’s recap my fist year teaching. It was a learning experience to say the least. I had so much down poured on me from the Lord as far as lessons to teach, songs to sing and activities to do. It was a challenge to get it all out and in a way a little heart could understand. I remember teaching a class on fruit of spirit and a little one telling me she loved the class but it was a bit heavy for her heart. I smiled and told her I’ll try a different approach next class. I went home and prayed about how to reach them with out blowing their minds. Our next lesson was better. So 2015 I mostly tought the lessons and helped in the class rooms. I also helped with One Thing this year as a helper and teacher. One Thing is a big young adult conference the House of Prayer does each year. The children equipping center offers sessions for ages 5-12. It was my first year teaching. As far as the year before I would only help in class room. This was a way to reach little hearts outside of our community. There are so many families from all over who come to this conference. As for Travis this year he spent time doing outreach to the local residential facilities, mentoring and time in prayer room I’ll have him type out an update of his 2 years in ministry and I’ll post it next.

Year 2 was much like year one but deeper. Our kids got older our family grew. My lessons got deeper. 2016 was an amazing year for me I worked on two lesson plans more on fruit of the spirit, and I did a lesson plan on Matthew 5 Jesus sermon on the mountain. I really enjoyed the time spent with the lord putting these lessons together. I also help direct our first Littles Summer Camp. This involved lesson plans, games, activities, and pure fun for three days. We put on two camps this year. After summer camps ended I stared to teach my third two-week class for a program called Tender Shoots. It’s a two-week course the Children equipping center does to offer weekday classes. This time around was special to me, I tought with Kelly (another teacher I work with) about Jesus in the feast. (I’m planning in doing a follow-up post about my teachings).

Some other exciting news for 2016. I got pregnant with out fourth child and we gave birth to him in the 10th of November 2016. Now as a family of six were completing our second year in ministry. Trusting the Lord in all things we do and he is there with us every step of the way. He is there in highs and lows. He is our shoulder to cry on and our hand to hold. He provided for us every month. Showed us miracle in healing (testimony to come) and increased our faith. Our life is not ideal for many but it’s perfect for us. During the end of this year I’m taking a ministry brake to be with little Benjamin. And Travis will continue the work the Lord as given us in children ministry. While on brake I will keep this blog updated on what Travis is doing and how our family is adjusting to four little.

I hope this quick update helps catch you up with our ministry. Things to look for, Travis update on his first two years, my lesson plans teaching at the Children equipping center, how we trust the lord with our finances, how God showed us he is a healer and what’s to come for 2017 with the Miles family.