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I been so blessed to be a part of the CEC (children’s equipping center IHOPKC) my time this summer has been spent in a really good way. On Saturday nights i get to enjoy the spirit of the lord with 8-12. Just recently we prayed for a kid to receive the Holy Spirit and he fell over on the ground and laid there for between 5-10 minutes. Then he got up and was wiping tears from his eyes. He had a real encounter with the Lord.  He had never received the Holy Spirit but had been water baptized. Please be praying for the children of this generation many of them have a lot of brokenness. From homes that don’t have fathers or mothers or they could have parents that are addicted to drugs or they may even be victims of abuse or rape and violence.  It is crazy how much children go through at such young ages and the devil wants the children dead before they can even come out the womb. There is a desperate need for more adults with a heart for children and to serve in children’s ministry. So please be praying for God to bring ministers in who have a heart for children.