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 Recently we celebrated the Passover with the kids at Spofford. We made it a Time to remember Jesus and what he’s done for us. It was great seeing the kids automatically start sharing how Jesus was helping them with different emotions and behaviors. It was a lot of fun sitting with them and passing around matzo bread and grape juice. None of them have ever had matzo bread before so when they ate it they all thought it was pretty gross. Everyone thought it tasted like burnt toast. It was a lot of fun seeing their reactions as well as being able to talk about what Jesus did with his disciples and how the Passover was pointing to what Jesus was going to do for us.


God is doing some amazing things inside the hearts of the children, He is a father to the fatherless. One kid when I first met him he wouldn’t participate. If a kid was next to him he would pick a fight and try to punch or kick them. Whenever he was there you would know trying to teach or have conversation would be challenging because he would be so disruptive. The first sentence I remember him saying was “I don’t believe in God and don’t try to tell me He is real, and hell rocks.” then he sat back in his chair and folded his arms. The woman he said it to had the best response. She said ok I’m not but God will. After about a month and a half a kid who seemed to pay no attention to what we were talking about and being disruptive completely changed. He went from being violent toward others to being kind. He went from arguing/disruptive to telling other kids to be quiet and listen. From not participating in activities to wanting to talk to Jesus and to hear God speak to him. During one activity we had them ask Jesus how He is helping them and to write it down then to write down how they are helping Jesus. He said Jesus is helping me to be respectful, kind,and to not hurt others. On a prayer request a week later he asked God to give him a home, for God to help him be respectful, and at the bottom of the card he wrote I have one comment God Rocks! I know it was our prayers that broke through and God changed his heart. He isn’t at the facility anymore I think he has been placed in foster care. As I’m writing this I am asking God to bring someone in his life to continue to teach him to walk with the Lord Jesus, and please do the same. This kid is a leader and one day will be a mighty man of God.

Orphan Crisis

Posted: November 25, 2014 in Missions, Testimony
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In the world there are 153 million orphans, and there are 2.2 billion Christians. In the USA there are 100,000 orphans, and 300,000 churches. In Missouri there are 1,400 orphans, and 9,000 churches. James 1:27  Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. Seeing these numbers seems like an indication for how disconnected we have become from the heart of God. If the church would rise up in its calling to be a family to those who are with out one or a father to the fatherless there would be no orphans.

I know of 6 orphanages in the Kansas City Missouri area. Spotford, Gillis, Niles, Ozanam, Hope House, and Crittenten. All of these were once established by Christian churches and funded by the church. Now they are state institutions. A small group of Orphan Justice staff and of volunteers are dedicated to going out to these orphanages on a weekly bases to share the gospel and love on these little kids who have been abandoned. I would love to see the number of laborers increase because the harvest is plenty. There is a class starting February 6, 2015 here is a link for info regarding the class . The Orphan Justice also offers an on-ramp once a month. The next on ramp will be in January however date to be announced.

Ft. Lauderdale

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Missions
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This trip to Ft. Lauderdale has been incredible! I went with a team of six evangelists Rodney, Laurie, Josh, Reese Jess, and myself. We went to preach the gospel and Jesus showed up. So much happened it’s impossible to put it all down. The first day we went to preach at a church and right after a secular AA group came in to have their meeting. Josh shared his testimony with a woman and a man of how God set him free from his heroin addiction by the filling of the Holy Spirit. The girl gives her life to Jesus receives prayer gets filled with the Holy Spirit goes and tells others about what happened we pray for the other guy he encounters the Lord and two more get brought over saying they want Jesus. They get prayer and one says he sees wings over his eyes and Jesus is holding his hands telling him he can do this and that He loves him. Josh and Reese approached six gang members when we got to the park and it was a tense situation until the presence of the Lord fell on Reese and he began weeping crying out for the salvation of one of them at their feet. That completely humbled them and they all became willing to hear the gospel the park became ours for the rest of the time. Then at the park several young children get filled with the Holy Spirit start praying in tongues. One of the children who was about nine years old pleaded with me to go with him door to door and tell people about Jesus with him until I said yes. There were many children and adults who got slain in the spirit filled with the spirit and many repented coming to salvation. One of the most powerful parts of the whole trip was when Laurie shared her testimony of when she went to hell, an entire basketball court of kids stopped what they were doing to come here it. Our week in Florida was more than we could have ever imagined. We saw over 50 people get saved, 55 healings, and 48 fillings of the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues. Everywhere we went the power of God fell with healings and salvation.