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Trusting Him

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Encouragement, Messages, Revelation, Testimony
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When I think about what it looks like to trust the Lord I’m reminded I have trust issues. Sad I know but really how many people can you trust with your life? I would like to think I trust my husband with my life but really i like to have control of it more than I can let him lead me.(to be honest) So when it comes to the Lord can I trust him? (Yes) Should I trust him? (Yes) Do I trust him? (Sometime). Looks to me I got it all wrong there. I mean he gave his life for me. At the lest I should first him with mine. Right?

I’m a pretty strong person so I like to think I can physically handle anything, thus putting my trust in myself. As a mom of 4 I can say during the births of my littles oh boy you bet I trust him. I learned the hard way it’s not by my strength but his that babies are born ( I had 2 of 4 at home naturally).

Let me be honest . When coming to ministry I put some trust in my husband when it came to our finances. But I liked to think I had a back up plan if things when south. Yet in reality it was the Lord I needed to trust. I needed to trust my husband would hear from him and provide for us and I needed to trust that the Lord would show him where the provision was. The Lord did just that he showed us miracle after miracle financially. Our first year we saw how being obedient and going where the Lord led us was were our provision was. This last year he showed us the people we needed to partner with. There are people we don’t know that partner with us in ministry and give to us anonymous. This is what trusting the Lord looks like for us as of now.

I can say it was hard getting to this point for me. Each month I had a backup plan. And there are still times when things get to close for my comfort I panic and try to plan my back up. Yet I’m quickly reminded that the Lord is our provider.

There was a time this year we counted on provision from a side job my husband did. This job was a back up plan to not have enough money for bills. There was a miss communication and funds were not available. I stepped back and said my back up plan failed now what? The Lord is what. The amount if money that was to be paid for a job was the amount of money given to us anonymously. So here I am trying to use my own strength to pay our bill. Thinking our ministry money is not enough. Yet the Lord says be still and trust me ministry is where you need to be, ill provide. You would think my trust issues would go away after that. I’m still working on them but I am trusting the Lord more and more each day. He says in his word don’t worry about tomorrow do what is needed for today, tomorrow will look after its self. As well as he will provide food shelter and clothing. So there you have it. Give it to him and he will make it happen. It’s not your strength but his that things happen.

As we enter our year 3 I want to trust the Lord with out my back up plan. I pray you can do the same. Whatever you need to trust him for do just that give it to him. Let him lead you. He is a good father that knows what is needed and how to give it to us.


In November I left my job to follow the Lord as He called us to ministry. I no longer had an income and in December God told me I would see a shift in my season and that His provision would come in February. I knew the Lord was going to establish the relationships and bring the people to sow into our ministry. In the waiting and contending for Gods provision I remained faithful in my calling. When Feb 1st came it was make it or break it. We had to have peoples hearts move and give to what God is doing through our ministry. I sat down on my steps and said Lord You called me to this ministry. To go to the orphan to the widow and to call fathers to turn there hearts to the children and children to their fathers. Don’t make me now a man who cant provide for his family and don’t show yourself to be a father who doesn’t provide for His children. Give me a testimony to your name not shame. Coming into feb we were almost $3,000 behind on our bills. On Tuesday night feb 3rd I had a dream and a man was going before me in a crowed of people telling them about my ministry and as they came toward me they would say your the one doing this ministry? Here and they would hand me money to sow into my ministry. When I woke up on Wednesday I knew Gods provision would come and He was going before me. I came home at 2 from serving with the Lord and I came through the door and said to my wife I am contending and God will give us $3,000 by Thursday. Her reply was that’s great I’ve had the kids all day and I’m tired. I’m going to take a nap. I was going to take that time to rest as well but immediately my phone buzzed. A person was asking if I could drive them to pick up their car. I said ok on my way and as I went to get my jacket the Lord said I will give you your need. I pick them up and they say hey I feel like God wants me to give to your ministry, and what your doing is a really big deal. They then hand me a check for $2,000. The next day Thursday I’m at a meeting a woman is there who I had never seen before. She introduces her self shes from Canada visiting for a week. I introduce myself and my family. She then says I feel like God wants me to give this to you and gives me $300. I tell her about my ministry then and she invites us to lunch and wants to pay for our meal. Someone else picks up the tab and she gives us the money she was going to use and gives us $100 more. And after I tell what God is doing another person gives $6. When I go out to do outreach that night to the orphans a check comes to my wife for $150 and also a $50 check had came. We receive $2606 exactly what we need to get completely caught up plus 6 cents. There were key points when God would stir me in faith between December and February. He said to me once as I reading I have called you the same way I called my disciples to fallow me. It’s not easy it is hard but I am with you. Anything you ask in faith I will give you. I was determined to give God till the last minute before I would seek help anywhere but from Him. I said I will Give you till the last minute of the last minute to give me a testimony of your glory and provision. I pray that this testimony increases your faith as you read it and to trust God for His provision. Lets be faithful stewards and allow God to bless us in our going out.


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Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. Gods moving in big ways I am happy to say that I will be starting school on Monday thanks to support that happened in less than 24 hours. Just stopping to think about what thr lord is saying and hearing him clearly make a difference before we go off thinking we can do it on our own God shows up and reminds me that it is by His strength not my own. We were truly blessed today my first semester of school was paid for. Thank you so much and we know the second semester will be taken care of as well.