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Mark 10:14 

Let the children come to me. 

Jesus declares that all children big and small are allowed to cone to him. No mater what their outside appers. Our Father seeks our inside. When we say yes he changes us from inside out. A new podcast is posted. An interview with a mother about special needs and how the father’s heart impacted her. Click the link.
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John 1:14
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

This is what I been repeating all day over and over. The Word Became Flesh. The Word Became Flesh.

Elohim came off his throne in heaven and became flesh to dwell among us. The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords,  the ruler of all things, my God, the Creator of all things dwells among us. This is so powerful to me. The question is asked, why would a King do such a thing?? Love that is why. When sin entered the world God had a plan. The plan was to send Jesus who the there in the beginning, he was the word that was spoken, that created all things. Make him flesh, give him a humble birth, let him die on a cross (a perfect man died a sinners death). Our King born in a manger to a virgin and carpenter. The savior that was to die and save us from sin. He was laying there with all power even as a infant. He could of came as rich powerful man but no a humble birth he chose. Just like he choose to give up his throne and chose to give up his life. For love, for you, for me, for life so that we could be with him forever. So this is why we celebrate for no other reason, not for gifts not for lights, not for trees,not for you and me but for him. He was the word made flesh.

At the time is was scary for many people. So many did not understand. How could this be? Harold was so scared he had the baby boys 2 and under killed in Bethlehem. A savior was coming and would take his throne. There was nothing he could do. 

Matthew 2:18
A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.

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When Moses was born, the babies were being killed. When Jesus was born the babies were being killed, now million if babies are being killed taken right from the womb. When there is a deliver the babies are being killed. This is the time for Christ return. He’s coming, are you ready? So as we celebrate his birth we look forward to his return.

This is the first of many revelations the lord has given me. This one is very important to my calling and its nice to see it birth in our family right now

When I got saved I had a desire to be married but not to have children. After having my first daughter Lauren I was faced with the coldness of my heart. I loved my daughter but I noticed my heart was cold toward her at times and I felt like I should have more love in my heart for my child. I begin to take this lack to the Lord. I said things like If I am a Christian God why don’t I have more love for children. God you desire children so I should desire children. I asked God why do you want children when it seems like all your children hate you. I went to God for about a year and a half asking him for more and for him to change my heart in this area.

It was around august of 2011 when I had a dream. There was a small child about the age of my daughter 15months old in front of me in this dream. His face was old and wrinkled he was carrying a cigar. His voice was raspy he walked back and forth cursing and blaspheming the name of the Lord. I instantly knew everything about his life how his parents raised him up till this age. I knew that they loved the way he acted and they had sought ways to profit off of how old he acted at his young age. I knew that everyone around him supported his actions and thought it was cute such a small baby talking so grown up and cussing. I began to become angry not at the child but because of the things he had been exposed to and I knew he would go to hell if he wasn’t told about Jesus. So I grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him toward me so he was looking at my face. I said to him don’t you know there is a God who loves you and died for your sins so that you can have eternal life. As soon as I said this the old man broke off his face and looked like an infant again. He had never heard about God before. I picked him up and he had baby talk again. Holding him in my arms I told him now you need to repent and tell Jesus you’re sorry. I woke up after that and the Holy Spirit spoke to me even the youth of this generation are mature in sin, Because of the things they are exposed to.

I went to go to prayer and to read the bible. As I read the book of Mathew I got to the part where Herod gave the decree to kill the children after Jesus had been born. When I read this my mind went to the days of Moses and how the Pharaoh gave the same order when Moses was born. I made the connection that when a deliverer is born the Devil strikes to kill the children and stop the deliverer from coming. The Holy Spirit then spoke to me and said again the devil is raging trying to stop a generation from being born that will hasten my return. It was clear in my mind children being aborted killed in the womb. The Spirit of God rested on me and I began weeping I could see how big and loving his heart was for his children and I saw my small cold heart next to it. The Holy Spirit began bringing specific times when I was cold toward my child I began repenting. In that moment my heart was being changed. After I repented He lifted off of me and I could lift my head up and I was able to stop crying. I felt like I was supposed to read some more so I looked down and the next verse I saw was Matt 2:18 “A voice heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachael weeping for her children refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.” As soon as I finished reading it The Holy Spirit rested on me again I began weeping and He spoke to me how long will she cry out alone when will the fathers lift their voices, When will the children cry out. Fathers turn your hearts to your children, children to your fathers. When God lifted His Spirit off of me I knew my heart had been changed and he had called me to be a father and that he was pouring out the spirit of Elijah to make strait the way before the Lord.

It was three days after that when I was driving I saw a vision of the youth of this generation. I saw the mouth of hell open and the children walking to fall into it. I saw the things in their lives causing them to fall. I began weeping again under the presents of God for this generation to know Jesus and was thinking to myself really God doing this when I’m driving seems like the worst timing. Needless to say after these events I knew God was calling me to youth ministry. That there is a fatherless generation that needs fathers.

God did answer my question about why he desires children. He took my mind to David and how his heart’s desire was to prepare a place for God to dwell. God told him he wouldn’t but his son Solomon would and that David needed to prepare and gather everything Solomon would need. David gave Solomon all the riches of the kingdom to build a temple for God to dwell in. After He revealed this He said to me in the same way I sent my Son Jesus with all the riches of the kingdom to prepare a place for me to dwell. I desire children because they fulfill the desire of My heart.

Blue Prints

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Testimony
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Today has been a really exciting day for our family God has giving us blue prints for where our family is heading next in ministry. For the last couple years God had been speaking to our family about children’s ministry. We have been reconnecting with the Children’s equipping center and the evangelism team at our church attending meetings for the last couple weeks. So at the evangelism meeting a woman named Amber was speaking about the orphan justice ministry. Just last night my wife Juanita and I had been praying for clear direction for where he wants to plays us as a family. As she was speaking about her heart and testimonies of what God was doing she was saying things that God had spoken to me in the past about the outpouring of the spirit of Elijah to turn the hearts of fathers to their children and children to their fathers. I knew during the meeting that God was moving on Juanita’s heart also for this ministry, and that we needed to speak with her after the meeting and get information to get involved with what they were doing. I am excited to see where this is going to lead we will be going to a meeting on November 18 for the orphan justice on-ramp to get started working with them.

For more background to what orphan justice is doing here is a link to look at their ministry.

To day was the day we were able to go witness what the Lord is doing in Grandview. The ministry is called Kid City 7 and they focus on Side Walk Sunday School. From what i understand there are now three apartment complexes that teams go out and witness to the youth. They go a different time in the GREEN tuck. they bring games, a bouncy house music and the word. All ages come out.

There are four main focus that are thought to the kids

1. He loves me

2. I am a sinner

3. He died for me

4. so I can live

This week was the first week they all meet inside the Children’s Equipping Camp building. Lenny the Director of CEC at IHOPKC gave a little word on the Father and asking Him to come in your heart. The warship ended with the song of “oh how he loves me” such a powerful song for kids to know that the Father loves them given most come from single parent homes.

Having the ability to go with my Family was powerful given we were able to show the family unit as a whole, a family that loves the lord and servers him together. We are still in prayer about our involvement with this ministry but we will be going back next week and the weeks to come even if we are not there to help directly. In all this I’m looking forward to the weeks to come to see how the Lord moves in the ministry and in our hearts for the lost children, because even they have to accept Jesus.

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Website Ect

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As you can see were back up. There was a lot of updating to do but now that Juanita and I are on the same path we will keep this going. We will post often about what is going on and send out a news letter each month until our support team is set up then we will move to quarterly news letters. Please feel free to interact with us we want to hear back form you.

If you feel led to join our team either monetary or in prayer please let us know any funds received are tax deducible and we will be happy to get you the information need to be a apart of that.

We also want to pray for you and with you please feel free to send any prayer request to or

Seeking my Calling

Posted: October 18, 2014 in About Us, Testimony
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Juanita and I will be in constant prayer asking the lord what he has in store for us. I know it will involved evangelizing in some form. So i will be back involved in Forerunner Evangelism department at the House of Prayer KC. Thursday we meet from 10-12pm, the lord has already cleared my current schedule for this time. Making plans to meet with head of  the department to see how i can be of help. As of now ill be at meetings and outreaches this months the focus is on EDGE OF HELL its a haunted house set up here in Kansas City, you see why its important we go and preach JESUS. We meet up on Saturday nights until it shuts down at the end of October.

I was working with the CEC while in Ministry School so praying abut going back to my roots their or sprouting new ones else were. I’m sure ill have some connection there no matter what given my wife’s involvement. Really I am a blank canvas saying lord use me. I love speaking so i want to be the lords microphone and allow is words to flow through me to reach the lost.