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Posted: December 29, 2016 in Encouragement, Messages, Revelation, Testimony
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So New Years is here. It’s a time for you to set aside goals and/or resolutions. As the new year approaches I like to look back at the old year. At all the good, bad, and ugly.  I take time to reflect on things that I liked and somethings that I didn’t like. Then I set a goal for things that I want to change in the upcoming year. 

Overall 2016 was a good year for me. I entered our second year of ministry and I fully stepped in the role of a youth pastor. We saw endless blessing physically and spiritually. We also had a new baby. I also experienced some bad things that tested my faith and trust in God. I lost a nephew that was like a brother to me. This was the hardest part of my year. I fought though the unknown of if he knew God. We grew up together but we also grew apart. But I witnessed 20+ please get introduced to God at his funeral. And I said to myself if this was his will to use his life to save others then so be it. Now as his birthday approaches im thankful for his life and the time we shared. I can’t leave out the ugly. Worst than loss for me is darkness. There was a breif part of the year I sat in darkness. Having the feeling of was God there? Did he hear me? Does he care? This was breif but real. Some of this time had to do with my nephew, my children and healing, our finances, and ministry. I don’t think anyone likes the feeling of talking into space. I will tell you each time I felt darkness. I felt his hand pull me out. You are not just talking into space even if you feel that way. He is there he hears you. Our history is his story. 

Reflecting back on theses things help prepare me for the year to come. I’ll set goals based on where I came from and where I’m going. My biggest goal each year is to build a stronger deeper relationship with God. I want to search out the unknown and gain new revelation of who he is. Really how I reach this is my choice. I’ll spend more time in my word. I’ll pray more (send time with God). I’ll live out a bilbical lifestyle before man. I’ll teach my children what it looks like to be Holy. But I also know I’m not perfect and I’ll fail. But God will be there to hold my hand and pull me out. 

So take this time as the year ends. To set goals and think about how you’re going to reach them but leave room for error. There are 365 days use each one as if God was going to return the next day. 

Tell me what are some of your goals. How can I pray for you to help you reach them. 

Also our church is hosting our yearly end of year conference. One thing is happening right now downtown Kansas City. You can join us there or on web.

  1. Ashley says:

    This is beautiful Juanita, I’ve been going through it myself, feeling like I’m in war with myself. Fighting to stay focus on God and his love. I’m a 28 year old single mother of four beautiful daughters. I know I’m not the best, but I do my best. The girls dad has no care in the world for the girls well being, he wants them but wont help with a thing as far as their needs and wants. Every man that has entered my life and left me broken including Darell. I’m to the point where I feel that my girls do not need a father but I know that they do because I needed one. We attend a bible class, the girls sing in a choir and it’s beautiful. We are living in a crazy time so I try to keep them focused and busy. I know I can do better for myself, my health and my girls. And your words are a pick me up! I want my kids to believe and trust that everything will be okay because Yahweh is controlling all things. And it will be. Love you!!

    • I love you so much and God does to. Know that when our earthly father’s fail us God never fails us. He is always there and will never leave. Really man can suck sometimes and if we don’t know God we will continue to suck. Your a great mother. I’m happy that your teaching the girls about God. Keep trusting him he always listening.

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