Yahweh Rapha

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Encouragement, Messages, Revelation, Testimony
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Yahweh Rapha means God my healer. Let me tell you one of many stories where God showed me that he is healer. My 3 year-old Rachael and 2-year-old Elijah have really bad eczema. We tried just about everything to heal their skin. We have had diet changes, brought 100% cotton clothes, every lotion know to man was purchased, and ever prescription picked up. We have seen doctors and specialist. But nothing was working. Their skin would clear up for about 2 weeks and then break out again. Many test were done. We found out about their allergies, pets, nuts, dairy, and pollen the list is long. Yet even staying away from these things the eczema remained. As a praying family we prayed every night that the Lord would heal their bodies. I got to the point of saying Lord you are a healer your word says you healed all types of diseases. Lord I know that you can heal I’ve seen you do it. Please show my little ones that you are a Healer. Let them see a miracle. One night Travis was at out reach and he told the kids about our kids skin and asked them to pray for us. They prayed for healing for our kids, these kids who are seeking the Lord and praying for families for themselves are now praying for us. This same night I’m oiling down Rachael and she in tears looking at me and says “when will Jesus heal me?”. Now im in tears and I tell her we keep praying and asking and he will. Many nights go by and we are still praying. So I ask the Lord to increase my faith I’m starting to lose faith in his healing power. And I can’t do that. Now I’m praying for faith I don’t need much just the amount if a mustard seed and healing. And the Lord hears all our prayers. His timing is perfect. He started healing their bodies. Rachael comes to me and shows me clear skin that does not itch and says God healed her. So a miracle  was done that day. Not only did the Lord heal her body but he also showed the children in the facility that he hears their prayers. This increased their faith not to stop praying. It was at this moment he showed us why he waited. Not for our benefit but for the kids in the facility so they would not stop praying for a miracle.

Keep praying, pray some more don’t stop. All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed. Whatch the Lord show up and show out. It’s never about us but him. To him be all the glory. We live, move, and breath all because he says so. Let this encourage you to keep fighting. Have faith in the one who controls everything. He is Yaweh Rapha, our healer. 


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