Our new assignments

Posted: December 15, 2014 in About Us, Messages, Missions, Testimony
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Its been a busy 2 weeks. After some time in prayer and seeking the Lord I am excited to say that I will be joining the Orphan Justice Center staff. It’s great seeing how God has been putting these things in my heart and how it is falling right in line with what He has also been speaking to the OJC. The vision they have and what God is doing with them is so amazing. The revelation they have about God’s heart for the orphans and widows gives me so much to glean from. Also my wife Juanita is going to be joining the Children’s Equipping Center staff. The next couple of weeks she will have off and then she will be having a meeting about where the best place is for her in the CEC. Everything is continuing to fall into place. Over the next few weeks I will be doing a lot of reading and classes. Two of the books I’ll be reading first are The Connected Child and The Ghost in the Nursery. Out reaches to the residential facilities for the children will continue through the holiday season. Also something I will be starting to work on is building a team to take out to one of the facilities starting in the new year.


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