Homework Help

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Missions, Testimony
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Updates, updates, updates

Kids city 7 has opened a door for Homework. Last week permission slips were handed out to high school kids in the three apartment complexes that take apart of kid city 7 on Saturday mornings. So this week launched the start of help for this season. Me and my wife are excited to be apart of the team that would come and help these teens keep there grades up. They are asked to bring grades and the subjects that need the most help and attention, as well as any books ect that are needed to complete there work. I notices that iphones and mac books are on top of the list of things needed for school theses days and Grandview  high is a school that provides a mac book for the students. Today we were able to help students with story comprehension, definitions, Spanish, and chemistry.

We’re praying for more students to come for help as we know the need is there and we’re willing to fill it. We’re also praying for supplies that are not provided from school to help students complete there work. Supplies can include lap tops, tablets, books and art supplies.



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