Reflection, end of 2014

Posted: November 12, 2014 in About Us, Testimony
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As the end of the year comes, lots of time with family and friends approaches. I took a little time to reflect on where the lord is sending us this next year and where we came from in past years. There was a time when Juanita and I struggled to pray together now it comes natural. We find ourselves praying for each other with out hesitation. Our family is growing and we can see the fruit of our prayers. Lauren is praying and both girls are excited to read their bible stories before bed time. Rachael will not let you leave her room with out it, she cries out BIBLE. Elijah is here and his name says it all. He is bring about the spirit of Elijah in our home and as we walk in the work the Lord is calling us to do.  The Lord is so good, we really are in a good place in this season with me going back to ministry with my family by my side. We were blessed by a dear friend of my wife, with family pictures. She did an amazing job capturing our natural moments.

Hoover Photography is her Facebook, Rebekah thank you.

it come natural

it comes natural


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