Posted: November 12, 2014 in Testimony
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Our fist child is turning 4. This is a big deal giving my calling started with her. It was Lauren that made me seek love and the lord on why he loved the children. She revealed my cold heart to me. I’m so glad she did and now she fills my heart with joy.

So a few months back she comes to me and Juanita asking to see the lords face and we tell her to ask Him and He may show her His face. The next morning she comes out of her room so sad and states Jesus did not show her his face. So we tell her to keep asking. So from then on every night she asks him when she closes her prayer, “Jesus show me your face”.

So just a few weeks ago she comes out of her room with a smile saying she saw Jesus and He was on a white horse and had a rainbow crown. So we asked her if He said anything to her and she said He said “don’t be afraid,” my wife’s reaction was great like for real you saw Jesus. Lauren was constant in her quest to see the lord she keep asking and he did just that showed himself to her.

Lets keep asking Him to show His face to the children so they too can see the white horse, rainbow crown and hear His voice saying do not be afraid,

Happy Birthday Lauren

Turing 4 on the 18th

Turing 4 on the 18th


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