What’s to come

Posted: October 18, 2014 in About Us, Testimony
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You kinda know where we were at but what where are we doing?  I have been in the market place for about two years now. Right after the birth of our second child Rachael I moved back to a familiar job, Target. it was a fitting move for Juanita ans I she wanted to be home raising our children and I needed to be there. I was able to witness to co-workers about Christ. The lord was using me as a witness of the power of Christ and the change that takes place when you receive Christ. A few of my co-workers were there with me when I first worked at Target and they could see first hand the change that took place in my life. It actually was brought up in conversations over the course of a day at work, Yes I am still working for Target at this time but soon will be moving to ministry full time once I have our support established. Soon i will be up before the sun to do the work the lord has called me to.

Stepping into your calling is powerful and I fully see how the enemy can try and get in the way I said try.. I will be praying and hoping you will stand with me that with no interference I’ll complete the work the lord has called me too.


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