Seeking my Calling

Posted: October 18, 2014 in About Us, Testimony
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Juanita and I will be in constant prayer asking the lord what he has in store for us. I know it will involved evangelizing in some form. So i will be back involved in Forerunner Evangelism department at the House of Prayer KC. Thursday we meet from 10-12pm, the lord has already cleared my current schedule for this time. Making plans to meet with head of  the department to see how i can be of help. As of now ill be at meetings and outreaches this months the focus is on EDGE OF HELL its a haunted house set up here in Kansas City, you see why its important we go and preach JESUS. We meet up on Saturday nights until it shuts down at the end of October.

I was working with the CEC while in Ministry School so praying abut going back to my roots their or sprouting new ones else were. I’m sure ill have some connection there no matter what given my wife’s involvement. Really I am a blank canvas saying lord use me. I love speaking so i want to be the lords microphone and allow is words to flow through me to reach the lost.


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