Kids City 7 Side Walk Sunday School

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Missions, Testimony
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To day was the day we were able to go witness what the Lord is doing in Grandview. The ministry is called Kid City 7 and they focus on Side Walk Sunday School. From what i understand there are now three apartment complexes that teams go out and witness to the youth. They go a different time in the GREEN tuck. they bring games, a bouncy house music and the word. All ages come out.

There are four main focus that are thought to the kids

1. He loves me

2. I am a sinner

3. He died for me

4. so I can live

This week was the first week they all meet inside the Children’s Equipping Camp building. Lenny the Director of CEC at IHOPKC gave a little word on the Father and asking Him to come in your heart. The warship ended with the song of “oh how he loves me” such a powerful song for kids to know that the Father loves them given most come from single parent homes.

Having the ability to go with my Family was powerful given we were able to show the family unit as a whole, a family that loves the lord and servers him together. We are still in prayer about our involvement with this ministry but we will be going back next week and the weeks to come even if we are not there to help directly. In all this I’m looking forward to the weeks to come to see how the Lord moves in the ministry and in our hearts for the lost children, because even they have to accept Jesus.

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