Posted: October 18, 2014 in Testimony
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We had family in town visiting this summer around the birth of Elijah, my wife’s mother was staying with us father’s day weekend, Then Elijah was born, My Father came after. Our summer has been nothing shy of eventful. Now as the season changes our season changes. As our family grows we learn more about family. There is something very important about the Family Unit and why God loves it so much. I have received revelation after revelation about Family.. Even though our family is young it has been through many seasons. We both have been in market place we both have taken time for ministry now for the first time we will be doing a season together were both jumping into ministry running at full speed and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in-store for our family.

The first steps to be taken is bringing our kids up in the house of prayer. Ill admit while they were smaller we stayed distant distraction but now at this speed were jumping in there starting with Malachi 46 Prayer Meetings. My wife will be taking the kids twice a week so they can get more involved with there own prayer life. She is also homeschooling and incorporating the bible and prayer in each lesson. The prayer room is our biggest key to success in this move.  My wife and I will be getting our own personal time in prayer. Ill be at the Justice Prayer Room on the weekends while I am still in the marketplace. Juanita will be truly serving our family in this time with Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday time serving in All Nations Prayer Room, Malachi 46, and CEC (Children Equipment Center). Just tonight we learned about Side Walk Sunday School its an outreach our church CEC does on Saturday morning. Its designed to get the kids in our area together teach about JESUS and have activities by their age group. My wife will be taking our three kids and praying about to what extent our involvement will be in helping this out reach.

Now you can see how fast were running please pray for us in this season that we hear the Lord and are obedient servants.

Family 2014


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