The birth of our little boy

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Testimony
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So we began Fathers day 2014. My wife was out with her mom shopping and I get a call that she thinks her water broke. I’m waiting for her to get home so I can “call the midwife”, Debbie Perry. When she walks through the door she is in tears what she thought was water was blood. So we call Debbie and she has her lay down for 30 minuts. When she gets up we check and there is still blood. Now we were getting in the car to go to the midwife’s house to check on Baby Boy (at the time we had not truly finalized his name) according to Juanita. We get there Juanita is in NO pain and the baby’s heart beat is just fine. At this time we head to the hospital praying the whole way for the life or our child. Arriving in Labor and Delivery and having the staff waiting was reassuring that GOD had us covered. After time and lots of test we still have no reason as to why she is bleeding. Early morning the doctor comes in to check with us, we never lost contact with our midwife she was with us on the phone the whole time guiding us though what was to come. He goes over the EKG with me and after a few scares of his heart rate with contraction we make the decision to have a c-section. I dress up in the outfit I thought I would never have to wear and head in to the OR with my wife. In no time at all we have a screaming little BOY. Wife looks over at me and says his name is Elijah Michael Miles, meaning MY GOD IS YAHWEH WHO IS LIKE MY GOD. At the same time we find out that she torn forty percent at his cord. In reality Juanita and Elijah should have not made it thought this ordeal, given he was not receiving blood from Juanita any more. She goes to recovery and I head to the room to meet our little miracle baby. He is beautiful and perfect. We are blessed. What was to come next we were not prepared for. We knew he would stay in NICU given he was born at 34 weeks. How long was in the air. Day two of his life he gets a blood transfusion. The hospital made a way for Juanita to stay with him his first week of life. I was back to work praying that soon he would be home with us. The girls could not wait to meet him (btw they were with my mom at the time). After being given several different time lines on when he would be home my wife decides to go and take over his care. In a long weekend she gets him nursing and keeping his temperature aka ready to come home. Then the news comes… he will be going home just before 4th of July weekend just in time to meet my Dad and step-mom who were coming in town. Our God is so faithful to us He heard every prayer and saw every tear and was there holding our hand the whole time. Meet Elijah



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